Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated — and I know how to show appreciation! Find out all about my hopes and dreams here: from little tokens, to bigger gestures, to life-changing magic, here are my most wished-for items.

Image by Justine Camacho

a simple little quickie

I have two options for online gifting: my LuxyList has beautiful lingerie, shoes, and big-ticket items, while my  Amazon list has just about everything on it — from books to beauty products, to household items and doggy treats for my darling pup. Both are a simple and discreet way of saying hello! What do you think — does my taste match yours?

Image by Justine Camacho


the gift of possibility​

Gift cards can be sent to me by email. I love all gift cards, but here are my most wanted:


Space NK / I don't look this good without a little help!

Liberty London / my very favourite department store

Neal's Yard Dairy / the best of British cheeses

Sainsbury's / for my everyday needs

Air B'n'B / you know your girl loves to travel

Image by Becca Tapert
Image by Eugenia Clara
Image by Justine Camacho

a lovely token of appreciation

If you would like to  bring a little something with you to meet me for our date, I would never say no! Here are a few things I love — or feel free to surprise me.

Candles / Diptyque, Jo Malone, Fornasetti, Aesop

Wine / I love all wine, but especially Chablis, Chardonnay, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Berbera, Rioja, and anything from Burgundy!

Champagne / pink or white

Flowers / bright and colourful or simple and elegant

Books / bring me your favourite, or choose one from my list!

Chocolate / Rococco, Hotel Chocolat, Prestat

Image by Justine Camacho

a life-altering gift​: dreams do come true

Really ​meaningful, life-changing things: from once-in-a-lifetime experiences to long-term stability, this is my list of savings and goals. See some of my bucket list and long-term goals below, and contact me to contribute.

Vanguard account top-up / £5,000

Six months' rent / £9,000

Flying lessons / £5,000

Property deposit / £20k-£50k+

Dental work / £3,800

Treat my mum to a NYC holiday / £5,500

Arctic cruise / £15,000