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Etiquette: A Simple Guide to Booking a London Escort

Updated: Jan 27

Out of all the reasons to book a date with a luxury companion, the main reason usually comes down to this: you want to have a good time.

And guess what? — I’m going to share a real industry secret here — your companion wants to have a good time, too!

So you’re thinking of booking a high-end escort: what should you do? Navigating this fun, sexy world can seem tricky, especially if you’re new to it, but what it boils down to is simple: everything we do is designed to give you the best experience that we can, and so to get us at our best, it follows that you should be at your best.

There are so many different types of providers because everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect date. That said, there are a few things that will universally help to create an enjoyable experience. Polite communication, good hygiene, and respectful behaviour are absolutely key, no matter who you are meeting — and the best news is that you are in complete control of these, so there is no excuse for missing any one of these simple things.

Personally, I love to receive a polite email, with nice introductions that tell me a little bit about the person I’m meeting, and thoughtful date planning. I do not expect you to have read every word of my website and blog — but I do expect you to be aware of my basic information. And if you can casually throw my favourite movies into conversation, well, that’s just a fun little bonus!

Rachel Fox London escort lying on a bed with long brunette hair and a bouquet of red roses

I do not expect gifts, but I certainly do appreciate them! Gift cards, flowers and candles never go amiss, but if you want something more personal, I regularly update my Amazon Wishlist. I also have a whole page dedicated to the really personal gifts.

At the end of the day, the better you treat me, the better I’ll treat you. This is why I’ve put together a little client guide on how to book an escort here on my Etiquette page. From first contact to post-date etiquette, these easy steps make all the difference to your companion, and will make sure that you are the kind of person that any woman wants to see, time and time again. After all, doesn’t everyone want to be the favourite?

What are your tips for approaching a companion for the first time? Do you have any questions of etiquette for me?

Rachel xoxo