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Come Here: 5 Relaxing Date Ideas

Updated: 3 days ago

One thing I love about being a companion is the chance to deeply connect in a way that our everyday lives don’t always allow for. We’re often so busy rushing around, fulfilling work obligations and family commitments, taking on too much responsibility, and not taking enough time for ourselves — I’m as guilty of this as anyone!

As a high-end escort in London (one of the best and busiest cities in the world) I maintain a full life, and I’m exclusive for a reason: time is our most precious commodity.

As well as this naughty night job, I have a prestigious day job in the busy publishing world, and I also operate my own consultancy business. I have a family, a dog, good friends, and I like to exercise, read, watch tv, explore new cities... the to-do list is truly never-ending!

That’s why I that in our busy modern lives, it’s crucial to set regular time aside to just breathe. One way I love to unwind is spending quality time with fun, interesting gentlemen (and couples!) and I love being able to provide that breathing space to you in return. For my incall dates, I pride myself on creating a beautiful ambience with lovely music, tasteful decor, a cosy environment, nice lighting, plants, flowers, and on request I can put together a beautiful gourmet platter to create a sense of true peace and escape from the world.

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But quality time can take many forms, not just a cosy afternoon escort incall date — and so I’ve come up with a few lovely, restorative date ideas for things to do with your favourite London brunette companion.

Netflix and Chill: let’s get cosy! A bit of food, a bit of chat, and then curling up together on the sofa to watch a movie — bliss! What shall we watch together? I have a list of some of my favourite films for Netflix and Chill here.

Cheese and Wine: I’m such a foodie — and I love cheese! You may have seen my Nibbles ‘n’ Nudes package, so why not upgrade the experience and ask me to put together a gourmet tasting plate of cheese, maybe with a matched wine? A couple of hours together and maybe a cheesy jaunt around France or Spain... via a cheeseboard, that is! I’ve also been known to put together an excellent cheese and beer pairing... so many options!

Dinner for Two: your place or mine? I’m a great cook, and I love nothing more than preparing a meal for us to enjoy alongside that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion. I love to prepare a rustic Italian meal (garlic bread not optional), a hearty slow-cooked curry with my signature coconut rice, or a fun, flirty luxurious Mexican feast! Or perhaps you’d like to show off your culinary skills? I’m an excellent sous-chef (though I really hate grating).

London escort Rachel Fox, a curvy brunette escort, lies in a bathtub surrounded by candles. Her natural breasts and curvy body are tastefully covered by bubbles. She is turned away from the camera and looks sensual and inviting.
I love relaxing in a bubble bath!

Spa Day: perhaps the most classic, iconic relaxation day available. A beautiful hotel, a serene day spa; you and me getting massages and then soaking in a hot tub with some champagne... room service is surely a must here? (Have you seen me eating burgers in my lingerie?)

A Proper Holiday: the ultimate in relaxation. Pick a city (or a little country town!) and let’s unwind! Time for all of the above activities, with plenty of down time. I am great at putting together a travel itinerary — ask me now!

And once we’re fully relaxed, we might be ready for a more exciting option: have a look at my London Date Ideas! We’re going to have so much fun together... what shall we do first?

Rachel x


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