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Nibbles ‘n’ Nudes: How to Create the Perfect Cheeseboard

Updated: 5 days ago

2023 update: please note that as I no longer have a permanent incall in London, I am no longer including nibbles platters in incall dates. If you would like to request one for our time together, please let me know — I would love to arrange something special for us!

Everyone who knows me knows I love food — and I adore a platter! Whether it’s cheese and charcuterie, a little fruit platter, a grazing plate of sweets, or a selection of crudités and dips, I love putting together a nibbles plate.

You might also know how much I enjoy deep conversations and genuine connections, so I love longer dates with time to get to know each other. And this is why my two- and three-hour London escort incall date packages include a nice little selection of nibbles for us to enjoy — it really is the perfect way to spend a playful afternoon or an enchanting evening together.

(And spoiler alert: as we head into spring and the weather hots up, I’ll be offering picnic platter packages as well as incall packages — stay tuned!)

So grab a bottle of bubbles and contact me now to try the best nibbles plate of your life.

And if you can’t make it over to see me, then fear not — you can create your own version! Read on to find all my top tips for the perfect grazing plate.

How to create the perfect cheeseboard

When putting together a platter, you want to think about balancing each item on the plate — consider colours, sizes, and shapes.

  • Vegetables: I love cherry tomatoes, slices of crisp cucumber, and salted radishes. I sometimes add a handful of baby corn or sugar-snaps for that crunch and a bit more colour.

  • Fruit: grapes are a classic, but I like to mix it up: I love to layer slices of red and green apple in a satisfyingly colourful stack, or cut up plum or pear into playful cubes. And you can never go wrong with strawberries or fresh figs!

  • Charcuterie: my favourite charcuterie items are spicy chorizo, Prosciutto di San Daniele, mortadella, and fuet Iberico. I don’t eat a lot of meat, so I like a few high-quality items that really earn their place on the plate.

  • Cheese: I love cheese and always struggle to narrow down the options! Remember the golden rule of one hard, one soft, one special cheese. A Manchego is a nice alternative to cheddar, and for a soft cheese you might like to try a Soumaintrain or Tunworth instead of the classic Brie or Camembert. Special cheeses might include a blue, a strong goat, a washed rind, or something with truffle. Always pre-cut cheese so you don’t have too many knives on the platter — and this prevents people from chopping your beautiful cheeses into strange shapes!

  • Other: items such as olives, dried fruit, and nuts can be great to fill in the gaps between the bigger items. And a final tip — a loaded platter looks great, so to achieve the same effect without putting out too much food, just use a smaller plate!

The most important thing is to have a bit of fun with it! What are your favourite items to have on a nibbles plate?

Rachel xoxo


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