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How to Book a VIP Escort Date in New York

Updated: Jan 8

Though I am based mainly in London and Europe, I love to travel and so am often available in, and enjoy spending a lot of time in... New York!

You may know me best as an elite London escort companion, and it’s true that I adore spending time in my beautiful home city. But in my opinion, New York City is another perfect place to spend time with a VIP escort — it has exceptional bars, incredible restaurants, and there is just so much fun to have with a beautiful, funny brunette on your arm. As a high-end companion, I understand how daunting it can be to reach out to someone for the first time, whether or not you have dabbled in this exciting world before.

I like to receive a polite, complete introduction from anybody that wants to see me. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I loathe those short, rude, incomplete messages, and how much I hate to receive them! So long as you introduce yourself politely, and let me know when and where you would like to meet me, I’m happy to receive a first contact by email, text message or WhatsApp. If you’re really unsure of what information I need, the booking form on my website is a good place to start. I actually have a simple template on some of my profiles, and you wouldn’t believe how often people send it to me with none of the details filled in. I definitely don’t want to see those people!

Of course, the above guidelines work for contacting an escort or companion in any city (keeping in mind that every companion will have their own contact preferences!) but as I’m not based permanently here in America, it’s even more important to me that your first contact tells me that you are someone I absolutely have to meet when I’m in town. My time is super limited when I’m in New York as I have to take meetings for my other job, too, and I have a lot of friends here to catch up with.

And I’m not just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring! If I don’t have a date planned, I’ll be in the Met, or in MOMA, or I’ll have tickets to a Broadway musical; I might be enjoying sushi and cocktails with a beautiful girlfriend in an upscale restaurant, or I might be enjoying a bagel on my own in Central Park with a good book, or just watching the world go by.

New York is one of my very favourite cities — the people, the food, the yellow cabs! — I love all of it. And when you’re on the arm of a charming, witty, well-travelled British brunette, you’re guaranteed to have a great time whatever you’re doing. If one of these activities sounds ideal to you, then make sure you get in touch so that you don’t miss out!

Rachel xoxo