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Your Funny Valentine

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I love Valentine’s Day!

As with many other days in our modern calendars, Valentine’s began as a Christian feast day — this one in honour of the martyr, Saint Valentine. Sources disagree as to when the day received its romantic connotations (though the first recorded reference is thought to be in Parliament of Fowls, a Chaucer poem from the 14th century). However it happened, Valentine’s Day has for many people become a cultural and commercial celebration of romance and love.

One thing I love is the timing of Valentine’s — it’s the perfect way to brighten up the end of winter. For me, the perfect Valentine’s date involves the classic elements: long-stemmed red roses, chilled Champagne, and getting a little bit dressed up for a fancy dinner — of course, with something beautiful and lacy underneath. You have to respect tradition, after all.

Looking for restaurant inspiration? Read my London foodie bucket list here!

London escort Rachel Fox, a curvy brunette GFE escort, lies on her back on a bed. She wears a silky blue bra and skirt suspenders, and has one hand on her large natural breasts. She holds a bouquet of red roses in the other hand. Her long brunette hair is splayed out on the bed around her. She wears nude high-heeled Louboutins. She looks curvy and inviting.
A romantic Valentine's...

So how can you become the perfect Valentine? For me, a little bit of thought goes a long way. Artisan coffee, handmade chocolates, imported cheese — yum! For flowers, you can’t go wrong with red roses, but consider sending roses in your sweetheart’s favourite colour. As for gifts, well, Valentine’s is the perfect time to go all out. A spa day, a shopping trip, a thoughtful piece of jewellery — or surprise me with something from my Wishlist!

I believe in seizing every opportunity to do something nice and to treat yourself, so if that means booking a big celebration for V Day, then go for it! Valentine’s is a great opportunity to show appreciation for people in your life.

That said, I am a firm believer in taking every chance to do this — we’ve got 364 other days to fill! And is there any day that wouldn’t be made better by sharing a meal with a beautiful London brunette companion? So if you think of someone and you want to make them smile, then I say just go for it, whatever the time of year. If you want to make me smile, you can check out my Wishlist and VIP gift list. And then send me a booking request and let me thank you in person!

Wishing you a steamy and sensational Valentine’s Day!

Rachel xoxo