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5 Perfect London Dinner Dates: Part 2!

Updated: Jan 28

I tell you honestly, I lost sleep thinking of all the incredible food options that I couldn’t fit into Part One of this list… Did I mention I love all food?!

Being a dinner date escort in London is always fun. If you’re reading this now, I hope it means that together, you and I have already exhausted the options from my first list, so here’s a few more suggestions. And for even more, check out my London restaurant wishlist.

And if we haven’t — what are you waiting for? Choose one, and get in touch with me now!

Sushi: a hands-on meal, and this time combined with my other love: small food! From little family eateries to sky-high views of the City, sushi in London is always a fun experience: eating with chopsticks, trying to dip the fish without splashing soy all over yourself, crunching on delicate tempura, arguing over the last scallop nigiri — and let’s see which one of us can handle more wasabi? Itll probably be me... I especially love SexyFish in Mayfair, and the Heron Tower SushiSamba — but I am so open to trying new places!

Vegan: there are some incredible vegan options in London these days, from the simple burger joint to the elaborate high-end spectacle. While I love chomping down on vegan fried chicken, I also adore exploring all the creative ways that Michelin-starred London chefs are playing with plant-based options. It’s truly remarkable — let’s try it together?

Pizza: I love pizza night! Dough, cheese, sharp tomato… Classic Italian or American-style deep dish; fancy toppings or simple mozzarella, accompanied by a bold wine or a cold soft drink — either way, I’m a very happy girl. Without wanting to be too controversial, I’ll tell you now that I love marinated artichoke and potato on pizza — and pineapple! Whatever topping you get, I’ll want to try it... By the way, I firmly believe that pizza tastes best eaten in bed. Feed me a slice?

I especially love pizza as part of a Netflix and Chill night...

Tapas: me and my small food! Tapas and sangria and maybe a paella to share — heavenly, wouldn’t you agree? Spanish food reminds me of sun on my bare skin, a salty breeze in the air... just good times and relaxed vibes. If you want a beautiful brunette escort in London to feed you tapas over a glass of Rioja, then I’m your gal. I don’t actually have a go-to tapas place in London, so let’s do some research and find somewhere together? Or better yet — how about we hit up San Sebastian?!

Cheese: I know many wouldn’t consider this a dinner, but a good cheese and wine tasting is so satisfying. And yes, I am a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to cheese, but I am always keen to learn more, and I adore a tasting evening. Pairing a triple-cream Brie with a crisp Champagne, or perhaps a farmhouse cheddar with a bold red — what a great way to spend an evening together, and we’ll learn something, too. And, hopefully, go home with a goody bag!

Have I left your favourites off this list? There is so much to explore… let’s do it together!

Rachel xoxo