The Perfect London Dinner Date

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

My favourite thing about being a dinner date escort in London is all the incredible food options — and you will love a dinner date because everything tastes better when you’re sitting across from a charming brunette!

All that anticipation, the laughs over cocktails, me touching your hand between courses, you trying to keep your eyes off my cleavage… Not to mention that London is the perfect place to show off at a fancy dinner with a beautiful companion on your arm.

Teppanyaki: did your parents tell you not to play with your food? I’m here to tell you they were wrong! Teppanyaki is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I’m a sucker for entertainment over dinner, enjoying a cold Asahi while watching the expertise and precision of the chef… I love when they flambé the meat, and when they throw the bowls of rice for us to catch!

French cuisine: why mess with a classic? When it comes to food, the French really know what they’re doing. Butter, garlic, wine, cheese… A boeuf bourguignon or a perfectly-done steak with frites? Oui, merci!

Ethiopian food: there’s something so intimate about sharing a plate of food. Combine that with the bold flavours, the pillowy-soft injera bread, and the simple pleasure of eating with your hands — and that’s the experience of eating Ethiopian food. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

Korean BBQ: are you sensing a theme here?! As a tactile, sensual person who adores a bit of a show, I love a hands-on meal. As well as reminding me of my time in Seoul, I love the flavours of Korean cuisine: the tangy pickles, the sharp kimchi, the tender beef that you cook yourself over the hot grill at the table. And all washed down with a little glass of Soju, or, even better, my favourite Korean treat: Bokbunja black raspberry wine.

Afternoon tea: ok, ok, I know, it’s not technically dinner — but hear me out! Afternoon tea is the ultimate indulgence, and we are spoiled for choice in London: from high-end restaurants to museum tearooms; from the traditional to the seasonal, the elaborately themed to the downright theatrical. Champagne and scones with sky-high views, or a quiet tea in a cosy pub? And cucumber sandwiches — shall we nibble them together in a beautiful garden, or in a historic London hotel? (I should warn you that I have a terrible secret when it comes to afternoon tea — you’ll have to ask me about it in person…)

Which one of these has caught your eye? Let me know!

Rachel xoxo