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The Overnight: Spend the Night with Me

Updated: Jan 9

The overnight is the ultimate indulgence, and is one of the most fun things to do with a girlfriend-experience escort.

My favourite thing about being an exclusive independent escort is developing genuine connections, and so I love longer bookings. Personally, I find an overnight so rewarding because it takes away the time pressure. Having a great chat? Wonderful! There’s no need to rush through it. Need a bit more time to re-charge? No problem! We can take our time and relax into the moment (or several moments!) — it’s so genuine and lovely. A whole night of un-rushed fun... is there anything better?

There are many ways to enjoy an overnight, but I’m going to share with you my recipe for the perfect VIP London escort overnight booking. And my special twist involves two of my favourite things: a musical, and hotel room service!

Let’s start with a glass of wine at a bar — I want to hear all about your day! We can laugh and talk as I gaze into your eyes. And once we’ve caught up, it’ll be time for the theatre. I love being part of any audience, but I am partial to a musical, and London has so many options. Something in the West End, perhaps?

After the show, we’ll both be buzzing with the excitement, so how about winding down with a cocktail at a bar or a London members’ club — or maybe we can find a booth in a cosy pub? I love to flirt in a quiet corner of a wine bar while we both think of what’s to come... As it starts to get late, we’ll be getting hungry, so let me take you back to the hotel for some room service — and you’ll have to help clean me up if I drip ketchup on my lingerie…

And the best thing about an overnight is that there’s no need to say goodnight! We’ll curl up together in bed and talk about our fabulous evening until we can’t keep our eyes open anymore, before we fall into a deep and satisfied sleep.

In the morning, we can enjoy the perfect, relaxing start to the day. I love drinking coffee over morning papers, or how about we feed each other banana pancakes in bed — after all, doesn’t dessert make a great breakfast...?!

A night with me will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, and thoroughly pampered. You’ve had a busy week — why not treat yourself? Or let me treat you…

Rachel xoxo