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The Lunch Date: 5 Great Ideas

Updated: 4 days ago

Often considered the lesser sibling of the dinner date, the lunch date is, in my opinion, an entirely underrated experience.

For one thing, you can go a bit more informal with a lunch date — it’s a little more casual, a little more laid back — it’s a little bit easier to come as you are. And drinking wine at lunch always seems so decadent, doesn’t it? Even just a glass or two, I think it hits me differently in the daytime — it makes me feel light, playful, fun.

Here are some of my favourite things to do during a three- or four-hour lunch date.

Food: Lunch itself, of course! I mean, duh. But really, it’s a fun chance to step outside the box and try a cuisine for a lighter lunch that maybe you wouldn’t have for dinner. Or go the other way, and have something really good and indulgent, because you’re not going to sleep straight afterwards!

Have you seen my London restaurant wishlist? I’d love to try one of these for lunch!

A nice walk: the thing I love about this is it gives the lunch time to settle, and it gives us the chance to take in some fresh air, a bit of sunshine (daytime! see? because lunchtime) and continue a chat over a leisurely stroll. If we’re walking through a park, please be warned that I’ll be distracted counting squirrels — you’re welcome to join in the game, but do know that I’ll win.

Book club: this is an idea I’ve been thinking about for so long, but it took new friend making the suggestion for me to actually get to do it. In case you’re not sure how it works, well: we take it in turns to choose a book, which we then discuss over lunch (sorry if I just mansplained book club to you). I guess you can do this over dinner (and I’m very open to trying!) but doesn’t it somehow seem a more lunchy thing?

What’s on your reading list? Check out my book wishlist here.

Brunch: I love brunch. I don’t care if it’s a boujee, millennial thing, or if it only technically fits in this list — I have always enjoyed so-called breakfast foods as dinner foods, and to me, brunch is kind of an extension of that process, of changing the egg and the toast to a more celebrated version of themselves. Plus, I love avocado. (Actually, I make a pretty great brunch and an amazing avocado toast — trust me enough for a brunch cooking date?)

Gallery or museum: come on, you knew this was coming. There’s never a bad time to go to a gallery! An hour of art or culture before lunch gives us plenty to discuss over our lunchtime tapas or lobster frites.

Any other things you like to do at the lunch hour? I mean, I have a couple of other ideas... but they’re really best explained in person...

So come on — let’s make 2023 our year of the Lunch Date!

Rachel x


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