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Thankful For So Many Things

Updated: Jan 30

In my recent Nudesletter, I asked for your Thanksgiving holiday traditions (preferably not involving that weird sweet potato marshmallow sugar thing which I’m pretty sceptical about) — and someone suggested listing things I’m thankful for! Such a lovely idea — thanks, R, for the inspiration.

I generally do my yearly reflections in January, but I’ve had such a fun-filled, exciting 2022 that I thought this would be a nice moment to reflect on a few things before the inevitable busy season.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are a few things I am so thankful for this year.

  • people who can fill out a booking form

  • opportunities to treat my loved ones to holidays and theatre outings

  • being able to treat myself to some amazingly cool Gucci boots

  • the way my life has been full of beauty this year — from the spectacular scenery of Georgia’s rivers and forests, to some of the world’s greatest art in some gorgeous galleries

  • meeting interesting people from all walks of life — I’m so grateful for the amazing conversations and new experiences that I’ve had this year

  • clients who allow me to see the world, and explore so many new things

  • my friendship with Kat Wilde, and being able to spend this holiday with her!

There seems to be a theme here — art, theatre, travel, food, and loved ones. A pretty nice life, isn’t it?

Thanks for my first (and hopefully not last!) American Thanksgiving, y’all.

Rachel x