My Summer Travel Bucket List

It’s summer time! And while I love travelling all through the year, there’s something so romantic about hot, sunny destinations, whether for a weekend city break or an indulgent island escape.

Here are the experiences I’m currently craving — does my list match yours?

A Spanish road-trip

Let me charm you with my rusty Spanish as we embark on a culinary road trip through Spain. Where shall we start?

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Anywhere in Italy, really — but the south has so much to see. A few days on a boat, an afternoon in Pompeii, an evening in Positano... we’re going to have the best time.

Lisbon, Portugal

Beautiful beaches, picturesque streets, colourful houses — what could possibly be better for strolling arm-in-arm?


These stunning beaches look perfect for a relaxing getaway! Let’s charter a boat, and you can teach me to sail?

Puglia, Italy

Again, the Italian coastline! I’m having a real Italian moment. Bari is full of life, the coast looks beautiful, and the countryside trullo houses look so cute.

You may have seen my recent tips for a few days in Venice, and I can put together a fabulous itinerary for any one of these, too — so what do you say? Get in touch with your favourite high-end escort now (that’s me!) and let me spoil you for a few days while we eat and drink and make merry in a beautiful location.

And how about adding in some exciting activities? I have been meaning to get my scuba diving license, and I’d love to learn how to sail! I’m up for pretty much any activity, to be honest...

I can’t wait to get away with you!

Rachel xoxo