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5 Ideas: A Summer Travel List

Updated: Jan 30

It’s summer time! And while I love travelling all through the year, there’s something so romantic about hot, sunny destinations, whether for a weekend city break or an indulgent island escape.

I am a well-travelled woman of the world, and my favourite thing about being a FMTY travel companion escort is being able to see so much of the world. Here are the experiences I’m currently craving — does my list match yours?

London escort Rachel Fox, a curvy brunette escort, is walking past the Doge's Palace in Venice. Her long brunette hair lies straight on her shoulder, and she wears a bright pink blazer and white shorts. She is gazing at the building. She looks enthralled.
Admiring the Doge's Palace in Venice

A Spanish road-trip

Let me charm you with my rusty Spanish as we embark on a culinary road trip through Spain. Shall we start with Basque country?

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Anywhere in Italy, really — but the south has so much to see. A few days on a boat, an afternoon in Pompeii, an evening in Positano... we’re going to have the best time.

Lisbon, Portugal

Beautiful beaches, picturesque streets, colourful houses — what could possibly be better for strolling arm-in-arm?


These stunning beaches look perfect for a relaxing getaway! Let’s charter a boat, and you can teach me to sail?

Puglia, Italy

Again, the Italian coastline! I’m having a real Italian moment. Bari is full of life, the coast looks beautiful, and the countryside trullo houses look so cute.

Check out my other Italian holiday ideas!

You may have seen my recent tips for a few days in Venice, and I can put together a fabulous itinerary for any one of these, too — so what do you say? Get in touch with your favourite high-end escort now (that’s me!) and let me spoil you for a few days while we eat and drink and make merry in a beautiful location.

And how about adding in some exciting activities? I have been meaning to get my scuba diving license, and I’d love to learn how to sail! I’m up for pretty much any activity, to be honest...

I can’t wait to get away with you!

Rachel xoxo


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