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Dirty Dozen: 12 New (Old) Photos

Updated: 3 days ago

I was going through my files the other day, and do you know what I found? I’m sure you guessed from the post title, but don’t worry if you’re a bit dim and haven’t worked it out yet — I’ll tell you...

Or maybe I’ll show you!

I took these photos myself, in 2019, using my old, cracked iPhone 7 (yes, the one I complained about on Twitter for years), when I first went independent and put up my own pictures, after a ridiculous (and hilarious) argument with my agency (ask me about it some time, I was right to quit, even if they would disagree).

I think they’re pretty good, actually — what do you think? I would love to hear your praise and accolades! (If you have negative feedback, you may keep that to yourself.) I would be fascinated to know, though, if you remember these from my very first website? Please tell me if so!

Do you want to know how I did it?

Honestly, I can’t really remember! But I do remember that for most of them, I made a pile of books on my bed, wedged my phone on top, turned on the front camera, and took a video. From the video, I took a few stills, and used an app to address any lighting issues.

You may have noticed that I re-used the lingerie and shoes in my many of my future, professional shoots. I am nothing if not a dedicated outfit-repeater. (By the way, remember how I said a lot of my merino and cashmere was recently shrunk in an accidental hot wash? You can contribute to my replacement fund here — there’s a very cute puppy picture in it for you. Doesn’t he look like he skipped leg day at the gym, but like he doesn’t give a shit about it?!)

There’s a couple more here that I found from yonks ago — my dear friend (and mother of my goddaughter) took these in my bedroom late one night, after a few glasses of wine! (You can laugh if you want, but I was very popular based off these crappy pictures. And if anyone in Melbourne recognises them from a certain terrible agency, and wants to get back in touch, then please do! I’d love to reconnect.) These are from nary a few months into my path to becoming the Rachel Fox, London high-class escort extraordinaire, that you know and love today.

As I begin planning a new lingerie shoot (stay tuned!) I love looking back at the things I’ve done before, and the way my style and body have changed in the interim, and as I have evolved on my journey.

What do you think — do these pictures deserve a place in the permanent gallery?

Rachel x


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