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How to Prepare for a Date with Me

Updated: Jan 7

Want to know a secret? I still get nervous before a date! I love the butterflies. If we haven’t met before, I get excited to find out who you are, what makes you tick, what things we’ll find to talk about. And if we have met before, then the anticipation of another great time together really gets me buzzing. So if you’re getting ready for a date with me, here are some of my tips — and a little glimpse of my own routine!

As an independent London escort, I love being able to offer both outcalls and incalls. For a date in my Central London incall space, I first make sure that everything is clean and comfortable (and that I have your favourite drink chilling in the fridge!) and then I start to get ready. I have my little rituals: I put on a playlist that I can sing along to in the shower and while I’m enjoying the hot water and the steam, I plan my lingerie and outfit especially for you. Out of the shower, I moisturise my warm, damp skin and put on a little bit of makeup. I’m quite minimal, so this doesn’t take too long, unless I poke myself in the eye and have to start again! Next, I rub some scented oil into my long brunette hair, and that’s usually it for me. I get dressed, and then I relax and look forward to our meeting!

You should get ready for our encounter the way you would for any other date. I want you to be your most comfortable self. I don’t like an overwhelming amount of cologne, so go easy on it — I don’t need you to smell like a department store!

Grooming is a personal choice, and I believe that a little bit goes a long way. Whatever that looks like for you, any woman you spend time with will appreciate your making sure you’re squeaky clean, especially where it really counts — you know what I’m talking about! For an incall, you’ll have the opportunity for a lovely shower once you arrive, so you can be confident that you’re fresh and ready for the best time.

In terms of logistics, I like to make sure I’m not rushed for time, so that I can be relaxed for outcalls or incalls. If you’ve booked an incall, make sure you give yourself enough time so that you arrive stress-free and ready for a fabulous experience together. I take pride in having a clean and bright incall, and if I’m coming to you for an outcall, please make sure your space is equally clean, tidy, and comfortable. You might know from Twitter how much I love nice bedding — fresh sheets and clean towels make all the difference!

So there you have it! A little bit of preparation and a whole lot of cleanliness go a long way to us having a fabulous time together. For more tips and tricks, check out all my Etiquette posts here.

Are you ready to make a date with London’s most charming brunette escort? If you want to see what this looks like in person, get in touch now!

Rachel xoxo