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Hopping Around New York Galleries

One thing about New York that I love is how many galleries there are. There are so many, in fact, that until last year, I had never been to the Whitney Museum of American Art — I know, can you believe it? And I call myself an art lover! Please don’t tell anyone.

But all was remedied on my trip to America last November, when I spent a few happy afternoons hopping around a couple of new-to-me galleries: namely the Fotografiska Museum for the stunning David LaChapelle retrospective and the Whitney, for the excellent Edward Hopper’s New York (on through March 2023 — there’s still time for you to catch it!).

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It is so nice to explore a new gallery space, isn’t it? I went to the Fotografiska with my good friend, London's curvy courtesan Ivy Grace, and we loved it, with its excellent gift shop, and close, inviting rooms — plus you can bring a glass of wine into the gallery from the bar downstairs! The David LaChapelle exhibition was amazing — check out some of my favourites below.

The Whitney is a completely different space from the Fotografiska: the building is stunning, with incredible views of the Hudson from the huge windows, and a gorgeous rooftop terrace — perfect for a photo op!

London escort Rachel Fox in New York, smiling under a bright blue sky in front of the New York skyline on a day out at the Whitney.
The balcony at the Whitney — it's quite a view!

I’ll be back in New York in February! Where shall we go together?

I am a fan of Edward Hopper, and I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition. There is an impressive array of work on display, and it’s put together in such a thoughtful way in the beautiful, big white space of the Whitney.

I think that the reader in me responds to the story, the human drama suggested in Hopper’s work: all these people caught in isolated moments — it’s rich with narrative tension, and the tight spaces and close angles bring such an intimacy to the moments within each painting. I like the silence of his work, the contemplation of it. I feel like I can stand in front of each figure for ages, wondering who they are, what they’re thinking — there’s an attractive voyeuristic element to it.

Edward Hopper’s New York is on at the Whitney until March 23rd 2032 — I highly recommend going to see it!

And as for me? Well, I’ll be hopping around New York again very soon — you know I can’t stay away from these bustling streets! Get in touch now to meet me when I’m in New York next week, and catch me running around the rest of America throughout February — check my tour dates here.

Rachel x


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