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My Favourites: 5 Movies for Netflix and Chill

Updated: 5 days ago

One of life’s simple pleasures is snuggling up with someone on the couch — and what better someone than your favourite snuggly professional girlfriend! Maybe we could do it as part of an overnight, or a weekend away, or even just a few hours on a rainy weeknight — it’s the perfect add-on to any escort incall or outcall. So grab your favourite London brunette escort (me!) and let’s have a Netflix and Chill night together.

My perfect movie night always involves snacks — you know that food is a big part of my life! This could be classic movie fare of popcorn and chocolate, something a bit fancier like cheese and charcuterie (ask me to make a nibbles board!), a full Thai take-away feast, or even a simple cup of tea with biscuits (I love those fancy boxes from M&S).

So now the food is sorted — time to choose a film! Here are some of my go-to movies for a cosy night in.

1. The Truman Show: I’ve loved this film since I was a kid. It’s disturbing, yet oddly comforting; dark, yet funny. Something about it is so uplifting, and also — Ed Harris. Enough said.

2. Game Night: I never get tired of this movie! It speaks to my love of hijinks, my competitive spirit, and my quirky sense of humour. Jason Bateman is as deadpan as ever, and Rachel McAdams is comedic perfection (and I do have a thing for blondes).

3. When Harry Met Sally: a classic! Don’t watch this with me if you don’t want me to point out every time Billy Crystal ad libs a line, or every time I recognise a New York landmark. Also — I’ll have what she’s having…

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4. Die Hard with a Vengeance: hands-down my favourite of the franchise — the chemistry between Sam Jackson and Bruce Willis is magnificent. And Jeremy Irons as the bad guy? Yes please!

5. Roman Holiday: possibly my favourite Audrey! I adore the joie-de-vivre she has while jaunting around Rome on a scooter… how about we watch the film, and then re-create it together in Italy in real life?!

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What do you think — do we have the same taste in movies? As long as we’re together, I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time, so you pick the film, I’ll pick the food, and I’ll see you on the sofa!

Rachel xoxo


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