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My Favourites: 6 London Foodie Dishes

Updated: Jan 21

We all have those favourite dishes at a restaurant. You know, the ones that keep you dreaming long after dinner is over, and that keep you going back to the same restaurant, time and time again?

While I adore trying new restaurants, sometimes, you just want to revisit a classic. Read on for some of my favourite food dishes in London!

A beautiful plate of sushi, waiting for a dinner date with London escort Rachel Fox

1. Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese at Bob Bob Ricard

Soak me in cheese, lobster and Champagne, and I’m a happy, happy girl! I feel like this dish and this restaurant need no further explanation, to be honest… If you haven’t tried this yet, I’d be delighted to introduce you!

2. El Topo Rolls at Sushisamba

Ok, so I completely agree that mozzarella on sushi sounds sacrilegious. But this dish is SO moreish and full of flavour! Best enjoyed at the Heron Tower restaurant, I find — I’m a sucker for sushi (and cocktails!) with a view.

3. Creamed Spinach at Hawksmoor

If you read my newsletter, you know that I love a steak dinner — and not to brag, but I cook a mean one myself! My creamed spinach is based on the Hawksmoor recipe, and while I think mine gets pretty close, there’s no substitute for the original. Special mention for their famous cocktail, Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew.

4. Amritsari Shrimp at Gymkhana

Light, crisp batter and sweet, juicy prawns served with a delightful dill raita. Goes excellently with a cold glass of bubbles. Heavenly more-ish.

5. Beef Wellington at the Princess of Shoreditch

I love this pub for its attentive staff, excellent food, lovely wines — and the downstairs is dog friendly! The Beef Wellington is a sharing dish for two, and it comes with a divine truffle mash. Perfection.

6. Celeriac Shawarma at Rovi

This one sounds too intriguing not to try — and I promise you, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s both unapologetically celeriac, and wholly shawarma. Mission accomplished.

There you have it — my must-try London foodie dishes! What would you make it onto your list?

Rachel xoxo


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