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Why You Should Book a London Escort Dinner Date

Updated: Jan 7

Ah, the dinner date. A timeless classic! Perhaps you’ve been following me for a while and you’ve always wondered what a dinner date with me would look like? Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon me by happy accident, and you’d like to know why you should book a dinner date with this charming London brunette escort? Here is a little teaser to whet your appetite…

The first thing you’ll notice is my smile as I greet you warmly with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I’ll make a (no doubt) hilarious joke and you’ll laugh indulgently (later we’ll both admit that it wasn’t that funny).

Perhaps we’re having a casual bowl of pasta and I’m wearing a simple jumper and blue jeans combo — you’ll notice that my boots show the perfect flash of my slender ankles.

Or maybe we’re having an elaborate sushi feast high up above the lights of London and I’m wearing a stylish little black dress and stilettos so sky high they’ll match the view — either way, I know you’ll be wondering what I’m wearing underneath (spoiler: it’ll be spectacular).

We’ll order a drink at the bar — perhaps a Negroni or a glass of Champagne, if we’re in the mood for alcohol — and I’ll ask you about your day while we wait for our table. I can’t resist the complimentary olives, so please don’t laugh as I try to discreetly spit the pits into my napkin!

Once at the table, we’ll peruse our menus. Whatever you get, I’ll want to try a bite (but don’t worry, I will still respect you if that’s a boundary for you!). Perhaps we’ll order a bottle of wine to go with our meal — I have dabbled in the world of wine tasting, and I love the ritual of choosing a wine. Over dinner, we’ll laugh, talk and flirt as a delicious undercurrent of tension builds with the anticipation of what’s to come next...

... and that’s dessert, of course! What did you think I meant? I love to finish a good meal with something sweet — so let’s get something rich and chocolatey to go, and we can enjoy it together later…

Mmm — what a tantalising glimpse of the first part of the evening!

Want to know what the rest of the night will be like? Don’t just use your imagination — get in touch and find out for yourself…

For a really naughty twist on the classic dinner date, how about we do all that in reverse? We could meet at a bar for a glass of wine, and then head straight upstairs so we can catch up with each other in private… and once we’ve sated those appetites, we can step out together to refuel. I love this option for a luxurious lunchtime, too — or how about for an utterly indulgent afternoon tea to help us recover from a few hours of passion?

Rachel xoxo