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It’s 2022: Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 30

Happy new year, and congratulations — you made it through 2021!

The last two years have been hard in different ways for all of us. There are family members and friends that we haven’t seen in months or years, celebrations that went uncelebrated, events that we missed, and people that we lost.

Because of this, I now prioritise self-care, and spending quality time with family and friends whenever I can. This means a slower pace of life — for now! — that I’m really enjoying. This winter, I’m loving hot baths, taking time out for riverside walks, and giving myself plenty of uninterrupted reading time (does your reading list match mine?). It also means that more than ever, I prefer longer encounters where we can take our time and really get to know each other, and enjoy a meaningful and deepening connection over a few dates.

I hope that you had some time for rest and relaxation at the end of last year before ringing in 2022. Think about how hard you work, and how much you do for everyone in your life — and make sure you take some time to yourself and to enjoy the things that make life meaningful to you. (And if that happens to be a few hours in the company of your favourite London brunette escort, then who am I to argue with that!)

We can’t know what the next few months will bring — if there’s anything we have learned, it’s that it’s impossible to know what’s coming. That’s why it’s important to have things to look forward to. Remember to make time for the little things that you love and that bring you joy. For me, that’s plenty of quality time at home with my pup, travel to new and exciting places, and spending time exploring new recipes in the kitchen.

Whatever those things may be, I hope that you find plenty of them in 2022!

Rachel xoxo