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Happy Christmas!

Updated: 4 days ago

I know I’ve been quieter than usual on Twitter recently — did you know that I’m hosting Christmas this year? It means a house full of family, a busy schedule, and lots of things going on in my brain. To be honest, I’ll be glad when the madness is over!

My Christmas Day usually starts with a pot of black coffee, and opening stockings while devouring my body weight in chocolate. Then it’s into the kitchen to get all the food on, before it’s (finally!) time for presents. I love presents — both the giving and receiving. And this year I’ve got some good things for my loved ones, and I can’t wait to watch them open everything.

Check out my Christmas 2022 wishlist here — belated gifts still count!

On the menu this year is a large, organic, rare-breed turkey (dry brined for 24 hours by yours truly) and all the trimmings — in my house, that means roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, pigs in blankets, brussel sprouts, roast carrots and parsnips, mashed creamed swede, cranberry sauce, and bread sauce. This year, I’ve added a couple of extras, including roast apples and chestnuts, and I’m making a little cheese board for us, too.

It’s food coma day for sure — lucky I’m taking a few weeks off work! I’m back on deck in London in January after this much-needed break. Get in touch now and let’s plan some new year fun!

Whether or not you’re celebrating Christmas this weekend, I hope that you and yours are happy, safe, and warm.

I better get going — I’ve got chestnuts roasting in the oven!

Rachel x


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