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Georgia, You’re a Peach

Updated: 4 days ago

I had yet another fabulous time in Hotlanta in November (I don’t care if nobody calls it that) when I got to spend my first-but-hopefully-not-last American Thanksgiving with my bestest, the inimitable Kat Wilde and her true Southern hospitality — I swear, she runs the greatest hotel in the state. Thanksgiving was so much fun: we enjoyed a big family lunch — and I did try the sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and marshmallows! — and then we went out with friends for drinks, and more food. A feast of turkey and pumpkin pie!

Atlanta has become a staple of my American schedule, and I am so excited to be heading back in the new year to see friends and clients, old and new. If you have tried to see me while I’m there, you’ll know that my time books up quickly, and quite far in advance — be sure to get in touch early, or prepare to cry about it later! I love to travel, and all work and no play makes Rachel a cranky-pants girl, so I make sure to have plenty of down-time when I’m in Atlanta, hanging out with friends and enjoying all that the city has to offer.

(And while I love exploring Atlanta and Georgia, as a touring escort in America, I’m always excited to add some new cities and states to my next trip. Where shall I go next? I’d love to see your town! If you want to see me in your city, reach out now to book a Fly Me to You escort date!)

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This time around, Kat and I took some time off and spent a night in a tiny country cabin — we sat by the fire and had s’mores for breakfast. I was gifted hiking shoes by a lovely new friend, and I was excited to put them to use! Once I got them properly laced, they were perfect, and they didn’t even get that dirty. The sky was blue blue blue, the sun was warm, and though it rained overnight, it only made our cabin feel more cosy. And the views from the Appalachian foothills are truly amazing. We did have plans for a proper long hike, but... we got distracted shopping for matching outfits! (If you want to see us in all our matching athleisure glory, I feel like that’s one outfit request we could happily accommodate.)

Something I enjoy about being in Atlanta is the many delicacies of Southern cuisine. Fried chicken or authentic barbecue (sliced brisket, pulled pork) with all the sides: mac and cheese, grits, collard greens, potato salad, fried okra, fried pickles, fried green tomatoes... with peach cobbler and banana bread pudding to finish! You know I love fine-dining and haute cuisine as much as the next dinner date companion, but Mary Mac’s in Atlanta has never disappointed me, and I’ve been delighted by my trips to Waffle House and Cracker Barrel (I did order the wrong main (or entrée as the Americans say!) at Cracker Barrel, but that was my own fault — I was tired on our way home from Nashville).

Oh, and have you heard me talk about my life-changing experiences at The Juicy Crab in Atlanta? If you’ve never had a low-country boil, please humour me, and go have one now — and you can thank me when your entire being is sticky with butter and garlic and salt for the next 24-48 hours.

And one of the most fun things Kat and I do together? Well, I couldn’t possibly comment... let’s just say that we have had some pretty good times with some lucky gentlemen and super hot couples. I’m obviously totally unbiased, but if I were looking for the funnest, hottest threesome in Atlanta (or indeed, the world), I know whose booking forms I would be filling out... If you like belly laughs, genuine chemistry, and the attention of not one but two perfectly curvy brunettes, then trust me when I say we are one red-hot duo you want to be part of.

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Rachel x


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