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Some Things About Me that Might Surprise You

To me, the best thing about being an exclusive companion is developing genuine and long-lasting connections, and getting to know all the little things that make a person unique.

So here’s a few things about me you might be interested to know!

  • I love plants! I don’t feel fully at home without a plant or two (or twelve). You may have followed my recent house move, and one of the saddest things was leaving behind my plant babies. I’m delighted to say I’m now building up a lovely new collection — and thank you to everyone who has contributed!

  • I am great at trivia: I have a very competitive spirit and an excellent memory, and I love to show off at a trivia night. I’ll try not to sulk if we don’t win...! What’s your favourite random factoid?

  • I have an extremely international background. I was educated internationally, have lived in a number of countries, speak a few languages, and my genetic makeup is a real mix too — see if you can guess it in person!

  • I am an all-rounder: I love reading literature in translation as much as a blockbuster thriller; watching Ingmar Bergman as much as a family movie starring The Rock. I can spend a day just as happily in the Tate or at the football, and I love a simple pizza delivery as much as a Michelin-starred dinner in a fancy part of London. I want to experience everything life has to offer!

  • I am fascinated by other people’s lives: the thing I love most about being an independent escort is getting to know people. I want to hear about your day, about your thoughts, what makes you tick, what you love about your job, why you had a bad day last week. This is why I love longer bookings, and developing deeper connections over months, or even years — it is so rewarding.

Did you know any of this about me? What’s something surprising about you?

Rachel xoxo