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3 Tips for Booking a Couples Escort

Did you know? I love being an escort for couples in London and internationally!

Not only do I love the sexy naughtiness of group play, but I especially love to play with couples because it is such an honour to be invited into the space of a couple: there is nothing more special than seeing the particular magic of a long-established chemistry.

Maybe you’ve been together for years and are celebrating a milestone or a birthday; perhaps you’re fulfilling a long-held fantasy. Maybe you just met and suddenly thought, why not, let’s have a threesome! Whatever the reason, I love it — there is just so much fun to be had when you add an extra set of limbs to the bedroom... or lips... or other parts. And the best thing about seeing a professional? You get all the fun, and none of the drama: I’m here to make you feel special, in whatever way you choose, with no fuss.

As an international escort companion, I have had the chance to play with delicious couples around the world — from Melbourne, Australia to Nashville, Tennessee — and I have loved every second of it.

For a couples booking, I always suggest a minimum of two hours together. One reason for this is that it gives everyone time to get comfortable, maybe over a glass (or two) of bubbles! The other reason is that time flies faster than you can believe when you’re wrapped up in a tangle of many limbs...

So if you are a couple looking for advice on booking an escort for the first time, then read on for three handy tips.

1. Do your research

Have a look at couples escorts in your area, find one that seems to fit with your vibe, and of course, check that the person you like is open to seeing couples. And make sure that you are choosing an escort that you both are excited to meet — clear communication is key! I have a Couples FAQ which (I hope) answers any questions that you might have, but I’m happy to answer a few more for couples booking an escort for the first time.

2. Why do you want to see a couples escort?

Think about why you want to pursue this experience — is it a long-held fantasy? Do both partners want this equally? Have you discussed your expectations? Do you and your partner have any boundaries that you’d like to maintain?

3. Communication

The most important thing — before, during, and after your booking with a couples escort — is communication. Make sure you have an open, honest conversation with your partner about your expectations in advance. Discuss any boundaries, and any queries that you have for your chosen companion in advance of the date.

Need more advice on booking a couples escort? Check out my FAQs here.

As with any other date, it is important to me that all boundaries are respected. I pride myself on creating a comfortable and relaxed space where any queries can be brought up, at any time before or during the date — no need to feel awkward at any point.

So if you’re ready to see someone together, then I would love to meet you. Get in touch, and let’s live out some fantasies!

Rachel x


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