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3 Tips to Booking a London Escort

Updated: Jan 16

Contacting an escort to book an outcall (or incall) for the first time can be daunting, especially if you’re brand new to the exciting world of high-class call girls.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I have no patience for rudeness or time-wasters. But you know what? That’s really good news for you! Because trust me, if you are polite, respectful, and follow the appropriate steps, then before you know it, we’ll be having a fantastic time together (while all those time-wasters languish in my deleted folder).

So here are my tips for booking a London escort to make sure that your enquiry is bumped straight to the top of the pile... and for more information, check out my FAQs and Etiquette Guide.

1. Basic Information

Every companion has a preferred method of booking and screening, so you should always check their website. At minimum, we need to know your name, location for booking, and your preferred time and date — sounds easy, but you’d be amazed at how many enquiries don’t include this basic information! I have a simple booking form that tells you exactly what I need for your first contact.

London escort Rachel Fox, a curvy brunette GFE escort, stands on a staircase, sillhouetted against the light coming from the top of the stairs. She wears a bright orange bra and high-waisted knickers. Her long dark hair cascades down her back and she has an inviting expression on her face.
Care to follow me to heaven?

2. A Polite Introduction

I also appreciate a short message to introduce yourself. You’ll know a lot about me from my profiles, website, gallery and Twitter — but remember that I don’t know anything at all about you!

3. Respect — From the Get Go

Trust and respect go both ways and it’s important to set those up right from the start so that we can get the most out of our time together. Your first message sets the tone for the rest of our time together, and a good impression goes a long way.

You can find more details in my Information for New Lovers, and if you prefer visual aids, you can check out this absolutely fantastic infographic.

To be honest, I sometimes get nervous too when reaching out to one of my stunning peers for a duo date or threesome. But if you follow these steps, then in no time at all you’ll be enjoying the perfect evening with a luxury companion.

So get in touch today and let’s play…

Rachel xoxo


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