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All I Want for Christmas Is You... (And This Extensive Wishlist)

Updated: 4 days ago

You may remember that in September this year, I moved into a new home, and I’ve spent most of autumn (and much of my time and energy) putting it all together. Turns out, having a whole house to decorate and furnish is very different to living simply in a tiny London studio! I’ve had some very generous contributions already (luxury cotton sateen sheets every night, baby) and having nice things around makes such a difference to how you feel, doesn’t it? As a passport-ready, international FMTY escort, and someone who loves to travel for both business and pleasure, I really cherish my down-time, and love to be all cosy at home. So it’s no wonder that much of my 2022 Christmas wishlist is home-inspired!

Books, Homewares, Puppy Presents

My Amazon wishlist has a few things on it for everyday, and includes books, things for the house, and gifts for my darling pup (apparently, if I get toys to satisfy her prey drive, she won’t lick her lips when she sees cats (or toddlers)) — and did you know that items purchased from this list are sent directly to my door, and are discreetly billed to you just as Amazon purchases? I know we all hate supporting them, but it really is a good system (unfortunately).

London escort Rachel Fox, a curvy brunette GFE escort, wears a cosy red Christmas sweater.

The other things I dream of on my Amazon wishlist this Christmas are any of the books (obvs), the cosy blankets (self-explanatory), and the various Apple chargers, adapters and international charging kit (yes, fine, I’m a convert, a sheep, an Apple addict — I am currently upgrading all my cables, chargers, and adapters, partly because I can never find the right charger, and partly because I’m spending so much time in different countries and (dramatic pause) — Apple keep providing cables with USB-C ports when everything else on this green earth (airplane chargers, hotel sockets, train plugs, the charger in my Away luggage) uses the USB-A (takes breath)). You’ll be helping out my simplified-travel dreams!

There is also an IPL machine from Braun that I have been wanting for a long time — you know I’m all about the low-maintenance, do-it-myself beauty treatments! I’m both too lazy and too cheap to spend all my time in the salon. Help keep me smooth?

All Presents Great and Small

It has been so nice collecting items for my new home, and I would love this beautiful set of new enamelware crockery — I just love that simple, clean, classic look. When I moved, I had to leave behind my treasured velvet calathea and fiddle-leaf fig, and so contributions to my plant family are much appreciated. On my wishlist there is also a print of an artwork by Kate Bergin, which I recently discovered and fell kind of in love with — my new walls need some décor, and this elegant lion in Venice is perfect, no?

My wishlist also includes some big-ticket items that really mean a lot to me, like contributing to my rent or my dream-house savings fund, as well as things like treating my family to theatre nights, fancy dinners, or holidays. (For all larger contributions, please feel free to get in touch for different ways to send directly!)

Other Ideas

Flight Gift: You know how much I love to travel! A versatile airline gift card always comes in handy — help me tick some places off my bucket list? In 2023, I’m going to spend some more time in America, and I’m trying to persuade Kat to join me on a trip around Italy! My American admirers can also send me JetBlue or Delta gift cards for my stateside jaunts.

Liberty London: My favourite department store! I love everything about Liberty — from their haberdashery with their archival fabric prints, to their beauty counters and parfumerie (D.S. & Durga is one of my favourites), to their chocolate shop. A trip here always makes my day! Send me a voucher, or let’s go together? If you haven’t been, you’re in for a treat (and you should really check out their Christmas decorations).

What do you think of my list — anything take your fancy?!

I felt pretty organised this year, as I bought and sent a few gifts early... and then I totally forgot about everything else I have to do! The next few weeks will be a bit of a rush. I hope you’ve been more organised!

Rachel x


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