Meet a VIP British Escort — in America!

When I was at university, my best friend and I planned a road trip down the East Coast, from New York to Miami — but she got cold feet, and it didn’t happen.

A few years later, another girlfriend and I talked about doing a cruise down the West Coast, including a drive up to Malibu, and that didn’t happen either (we had very different lives, and conflicting schedules).

I finally decided to make it happen, it was time. So, in 2020 (!) I planned a girls’ weekend drive to Vegas from LA for my birthday... well, I’m sure you can guess why that didn’t happen!

And then this year, in early 2022, my best friend and I decided to combine another friend’s wedding with a drive through Texas and Louisiana — would you believe that the couple broke up a month later?!

I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve had a long-held dream of seeing more of the US, and I’m absolutely delighted to be finally making it happen. As a well-travelled VIP British escort and travel companion, I have a flexible schedule and I can finally see the world as much as I want. And you’re in luck, because on those other occasions that didn’t happen, you wouldn’t have got the chance to see me — so aren’t you lucky?

See my up-to-date tour dates and locations here.

Of course nothing is as fun by yourself, so that’s why I’m excited to be spending time with my gorgeous friend, Kat Wilde in Atlanta, and of course, I’m so excited to meet you! Where will we go together? I would love to see your city!

I’m so excited about seeing the nation’s capital (take me to the Smithsonian?) and the beautiful South — Atlanta and Nashville have always been high up on my list! But you know what I am most excited about? It’s American people! I really love you guys.

So if you’re looking for the perfect travel companion escort date in America, get in touch now and let’s find out how good we can be together...

Rachel xoxo