Deposits and Payment
Terms and Conditions

Ah — the fun admin part!


A non-refundable deposit is required to secure our date. The deposit amount is usually 20% of the booking fee

(plus travel if applicable). The balance is payable in cash in full at the start of the date, and no refunds are possible once our date has begun.

You can make the deposit payment by bank transfer or by gift card. I will let you know how to pay the deposit, and will confirm once I have received it. If you would prefer a discreet option, I also accept certain gift cards purchased in store. Deposits are not refundable.


Deposits are not refundable. I do understand that life happens, so rescheduling may be possible at my discretion, with adequate notice and for a date rescheduled within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that my decision is final. In the event that I need to cancel, you can choose either a reschedule or a refund.


I am discreet, respectful, and have excellent manners, and I expect the same of you in return. If at any point during our time together I feel that my boundaries are not respected or that my safety is compromised, I will terminate our date with no refund. If you are new to the world of companions, you can find more helpful advice here.

Any questions? Check out the Information for New Lovers or have a look at my Blog.

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